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We are proud to be an Australian based small business in Melbourne. We think we have the world's smartest bedding, a one stop sleeping solution for all the family

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About Ecosleep and the inventor of Coshee, Jane Tepper

As a busy mum of four, Jane Tepper dreamed of an easier solution to endless daily bed making and the huge task of washing five quilt covers. She wanted a bed linen solution that made it quick and easy for everyone to make their beds in the morning, and an eco-friendly solution that required less washing.

What she came up with was the Coshee® concept.

Coshee®, short for cover-sheet, solved all of Jane’s problems. A smart bedding solution consisting of a top-sheet and quilt or duvet cover that clip together, daily bed making is now a breeze for the family and less washing makes Jane’s life much easier.

Passionate about the environment, Jane wanted to use quality materials that looked fantastic and were eco-friendly.
She searched extensively for factories with ISO world standards and suitable industrial practices so her choice matched her values.All of our manufacturing is done under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 rating against harmful chemicals for a softer and healthier bed linen set.


Each Coshee® set is made with high thread count all natural cotton  or bamboo cotton. Jane chose bamboo cotton because of bamboo’s amazing ability to regrow in a short period of time plus its lack of chemical treatments. Bamboo is now not only one of the world’s most renewable natural resources but the cotton produced is beautifully soft on the skin and is hypo-allergenic.

Ecosleep also have a 100% Mulberry Silk quilts  in their product range. The Coshee®concept is patented in Australia, New Zealand, America and patent pending elsewhere, so from no-one else can you enjoy the benefits of a Coshee® smart bedding.

Ecosleep is an Australian owned family business dedicated to making convenient, stylish and eco-friendly solutions for the bedroom. Four years in the making, owner and operator Jane Tepper’s greatest wish is to see her products used both domestically and commercially.     With this vision in mind, Ecosleep Australia would view all offers of equity partnership as a way further developing this innovative and unique product both in Australia and internationally. Now available in Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA and Malaysia

The EcoSleep range is available to purchase online at - www.ecosleep.com.au - and is available at some of the leading Homewares and bed linen boutiques around Australia.  For beautiful, luxurious bed linen look no further - Coshee®  bedset in either cotton or bamboo!

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