Wash any of the Coshee parts in cool water with line drying or if needed gently cool tumble dry. Sheeting does not need heavy detergents so use a mild non-phosphate detergent which can also be used with greywater systems.

With a Coshee you need only wash your quilt cover once or twice a year and this will help you save our environment in many ways. When washing the quilt cover do so in a drip-dry wash and hang on the line immediately. This will ensure minimum ironing is needed for the cover.

The bamboo sheeting does not need ironing as it will iron itself from your body heat once re-attached to the cover!

If additional sheet sets are needed please re-order through the website. A range of colour coordinated sets or basic white is always available.

Your Silk Quilt is naturally hypoallergenic due to its contents, it is, therefore, best not washed or dry cleaned but put in dappled sunlight every couple of months for about 30 minutes to air.

The waterproof casing can be found on our Super Kingsize silk quilts only and will protect from any undue spills so your quilt will stay fresh and clean and dust mite resistant all year round. Its 18 amino acids are the same as found in the human body and this helps to promote a good night's sleep with the silk quilt adapting to your body temperature. All other quilts will need to be spot cleaned if a spill occurs.

As we manufacture our own Silk quilts we do not recommend washing to protect and elongate the life of this quality product. Silk is a beautiful soft material and filling that will last for many years and never bunch if treated with care.

Ettitude Sheets Ecosleep Care 01


When you receive your Coshee bed linen it has already been pre-washed and dried so you can place it on your bed straight away.
If you need to wash the sheet removal instructions are below and this can be washed weekly as per normal washing instructions. Your Coshee quilt and duvet cover need only be washed when needed as it will not come into contact with any part of the body due to our neat patented design concept.

Ettitude Sheets Ecosleep Care 01

When removing the top sheet slide your finger from your left hand into the tab on the quilt cover and gently detach the sheet with your right hand. This will stop any unnecessary pulling on the clips and enable you to individually clip or unclip your sheet each time. With the adult Classic range gently pull apart both sides of the quilt or duvet cover when removing the quilt to wash the cover. All Children’s and Tween range have zips on the quilt or duvet cover.

To unmake or remake your bed fold the left-hand side of the quilt or duvet cover over to the middle of the bed and unclip along the entire edge, follow up with the same on the other side and then slide the sheet out. This means you do not have to lift a heavy quilt and cover off your bed.

Follow the same guidelines when re-attaching. Start with the left-hand corner of the sheet with the Coshee label attached to the left-hand side of the quilt or duvet cover with it still folded over on the bed, slide under to the other side re-attach and then shake if needed.

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