Save on Coshee bed sets and Silk Quilts.

environmentally friendly bed sheets

Elegant and  stylish our Coshee Cotton/Sateen Quilt Cover Sets and attachable eco friendly Bamboo/Cotton top sheets are an innovative and smart bedding idea  to the traditional "Doona", duvet, or quilt cover and come in four classic colours, and four  "Waffle" colours to add variety and rejuvenate your bedroom.  Sets include a Quilt Cover,attachable White Bamboo Cotton Top Sheet and four Pillow Cases (Two trimmed and edged Pillowcases to match the quilt cover and two white in bamboo/cotton to match the top sheet).

Our aim is to help you reduce your time spent washing and bed making using our simple clip on sheet that is easy to wash, dry and re-attach to your "Doona", quilt, or duvet cover. No more tangled sheets when sleeping and our beautiful soft natural materials will have you wanting to stay in bed longer!

Hi Jane,
We LOVE your Coshee ranges for so many reasons. The three biggest ones are that 1) our sheets don't end up at the bottom of the bed anymore....always neat and tidy and cosy and where they should be, thanks to your wonderful 'button together' design! 2) we save sooo much money because now, we only need to buy Coshee! 3) have NEVER had softer sheets than Coshee ones. LOVE THEM!


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