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Mulberry Silk OR Alpaca/Bamboo Quilts and Duvets.. You choose!

silk bed set

Our pure, long strand Mulberry Silk Quilts and our new Alpaca/Bamboo Quilts are the perfect cover for a good nights sleep.

Made from 100% AAA long strand Mulberry Silk, our  Silk Quilts are the perfect  breathable, hypo allergenic natural fibre, that allows your body to breath and will help you sleep. We have been manufacturing our silk quilts for the Australian market for over 12 years and we know our quilts are perfect for our Aussie climate. The  smooth soft finish will add a sleek look to your made bed and help you sleep better each and every night.

Filled using long fibre mulberry silk layered in a grid pattern, the silk is tacked internally, not boxed stitched, eliminating cold spots and the damage box stitching causes to the silk fibre.
No lumps are caused by bunching of the silk filling.
EcoSleep  Mulberry silk is stretched by hand and layered in a grid pattern until the desired weight is achieved. The silk is then enclosed in a soft cotton casing and  tacked to prevent any movement of the layered silk.
Mulberry silk quilts are designed to let some of your body heat pass through the comforter while you sleep. By doing this they keep you warm but stop you from overheating throughout the night.

Long fibre Mulberry silk is naturally healthier than down. Because there is less sweat produced by sleeping under silk comforters, there is less bacteria build-up in a silk comforter. Less bacteria build-up = a healthier bed.
Silk filled quilts drape over you, hugging the contours of your body. By doing this they create less cold spots between you and the quilt covering you.

Made and Designed in Melbourne, Australia we also offer our Alpaca/Bamboo Quilts.  An excellent choice for allergy sufferers and those wanting a luxurious soft quilt with a slightly heavier feel that the Silk Quilts but with similar health benefit.


mulberry silk sheets

Alpaca Bamboo with 100% natural bamboo/cotton
​japara cover are a mix of chemical free Alpaca fleece and bamboo fibre an antibacterial, non allergenic and breathable item that blends to give you a superbly soft and warm quilt.
• Summer weights 200g
• Winter wieights 400grm
​Single  -  140 x 210cm
Double - 180 x 210cm
Queen  - 210 x 210cm
King  -    245 x 210cm


silk fitted sheet

Our 100% Mulberry Silk Quilts and manufactured for us exclusively and are perfect for our Aussie climate. With a white cotton japara cover and chemical free unbleached Mulberry Silk filling these quilts are one of ​the best  on the market and are affordable for all the family. Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant, these quilts cool you in summer and warm you in winter!
​ Tie two quilts together for more warmth when the days get cooler.
Summer weight (150gsm)
Spring/Autumn (250gsm)
Winter weight (350gsm)
​Single   -   140 x 210cm
Double -   180 x 210cm
Queen -    210 x 210cm
King   -      245 x 210cm
Super King - 265 x 210cm

Silk Quilts Care & Maintenance

Read about sizes, general information, care and maintaining our silk quilts. Click to view.

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