What is Coshee?

"A smart Designer Quilt cover with a detachable sheet..."

Let `s talk about Coshee®

Coshee® is an Australian designed Smarter quilt cover with a detachable sheet that saves you time and effort in the bedroom. 
No more making the bed or endless loads of washing. Just place your quilt in the cover, snap on the sheet and your bed is made.
Perfect for everyone in the family.

When we talk about bed linen the terminology can be deceptive for different countries so for an easy explanation:

Quilt, duvet and doona covers are all the same.

Target Bed Sheets Ecosleep 01

A Coshee Duvee or Quilt Cover and sheet

Linen Bed Sheets Ecosleep 02

Align your sheet on the undersi

Bed Linen Australia Ecosleep 03

Attach the sheet using the press studs

Bed Sheet Set Ecosleep 04

Turn over, fold the sheet top over the end and attach the sheet at the top.

Versace Bed Sheets Ecosleep 05

Sheet is attached underneath and folds over at the top of the cover

Sheets On Sale Ecosleep 06

Make the bed with the facing sheet down and only the top edge showing.

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